punkstrid & nerdcup.

that’s a pocky btw. inspired by laryndawn ‘s punk/nerd au idea.

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idk who else has a thing for teacup but i sure do

oh i know it was like just smut week but the thought of nsfwing this au leaves my mind with the following image


oh jesus christ


[[…He thinks he’s being clever. /shakes head/ Baristacup for hijackspace as a Giveaway prize! Those speech bubbles hurt me and I love it. Enjoy!]]


Dad and son

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» How to train your -Toothless- Dragon

This is really painful for me because they were almost glued at the hip. Whether or not he had feelings for Stoick romantically (because that is still up for debate) they were still extremely close. they went through battles together, Gobber was the one Stoick trusted his son with, trusted him with his LIFE and Gobber also trusted Stoick with his life. I am pretty sure they have been friends for a very very long time, and because of this it hurts me so much. 

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lady-freaking-pear made this amazing drawing and gave me the okay to color it :3 Here is the finished coloring and the transparent piece of just the two cutest chibi boys!

How To Train Your Dragon (2010) - Fishlegs Ingerman

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Brokeback Mountain/Hijack crossover vid

Gifs request for mrhaddock 

I’ll try other (bigger) versions tomorrow bud, my bed is calling me! ♥

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Things you didn’t know about Brave (by Oh My Disney)

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