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Rise of the guardians

How to train your dragon

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- Are you crazy?
- ooo Yes! I’m crazy about you!….

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Help Me Stay in University!

I always feel guilty coming to tumblr for help, but with the advice of a few close friends, I decided to make this post.

I’m a University student, recently accepted into a program that will benefit me greatly in the future for my career goals - I aim to be an early childhood educator for special needs students after growing up with an autistic younger brother.

However, my father cut me off financially because he is homophobic. He is unwilling to pay off the rest of my tuition for the last semester because I am attracted to the same sex. Even with financial aid from the state, unfortunately, I still owe my school about $2000.

I would need to pay the rest of this money before the end of August, otherwise my admission into the University will be terminated.

While I am able to pay $200 with my savings, the remaining amount still needs to be compensated. I work 8 hours a week on minimum wage and my mother cannot support me due to her own financial obligations to my other siblings who aren’t adults.

Please, please, please - if you could donate to my cause, that would mean the world to me. I’d be forever grateful for any amount donated, whatever the amount. If you cannot donate, please signal boost this. I find it difficult asking strangers for help, again, but at the moment I am desperate to continue working towards my dream and my goals.

I also offer artistic compensation for certain donated amounts. My gofundme is here -  more information about my situation has been provided there in length. Along with this I am also offering commissions, so if you are interested, please contact me via the tumblr messaging system!

If you’d rather donate to me via paypal or some other convenience, that’s fine as well. My contact and paypal email is yakfrosty@gmail.com.

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Extras: Circle Icon + BG 

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Does the BlackCup Fandom have any leaders/royalty like Hijack?

Cause i’d make a great queen.

Ooh, All hail.~

I think a knighthood would be lovely UwU, with a Ladyship for Chiwandering and Hope-for-snow as Duchess because oh my Christ those two. Their stuff. My heart.



Project EDNOS

Complete Animatic (No foley or Voice over)

Here I combined all four animatics into a continuous stream. I also introduced and connected each segment using a simple ident created in After Effects. 

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Bulimia Supplementary information leaflet

(featuring Bubbles)

Binge Eating Disorder: Link

Anorexia: Link



Binge Eating disorder Supplementary information leaflet

(featuring Betty)

Bulimia: Link

Anorexia: Link



Anorexia Supplementary information leaflet

(featuring Andy)

Bulimia: Link

Binge eating Disorder: Link


((Just a heads up, some none fandom stuff making an appearance. Sorry for the interruption. Xx ))